Public Transportation

Public bus to Bovec

Buses from Bovec towards south

In general buses from Bovec in direction to south go to Tolmin and from either towards Nova Gorica or towards Most na Soci train station and Ljubljana. There is at least 1 bus to Ljubljana every day, regardless to season. For exact timetable and availability we recommend using Ljubljana bus station website.

Bus from Bovec over Vrsic pass to Kranjska gora

Vrsic pass road to BovecIn summer time there is an option tu use a bus connection over Vrsic pass, a road built by russian prisoners during WWI. Spectacular and narrow moutain road with many bends will make your bus trip a memorable event.

As in the past years, the line offer up to 5 bus rides over the pass daily in july and august. In June and September there are some reductions, so check for availability before you travel. Most of the buses go just to Kranjska gora, but one continues its ride to Ljubljana as well. Also if you catch one only to Kranjska gora, do not worry, there are plenty of connection towards Ljubljana from there.

Train to Bovec

Most na Soči train station

Most na Soci train stationThis is somehow closest train station to Bovec and if you want to use bus connection then to Bovec also the best choice. Train station itself is located outside Most na Soci, so if you are travelling there by bus, buy a ticket to train station and be carefull to exit at train station, not the town.

Trains from here go either south to Nova gorica  (from there you can take a taxi or walk to Gorica(I) train station)  or nort towards Jesenice and from there to Ljubljana or Villach (A).

Jesenice train station

Jesenice train station is here as in summer time you can then catch a bus from Jesenice to Kranjska gora and then continue by bus towards Bovec. Jesenice can be reached from Ljubljana or from Villach(A). Jesenice train station is also a stop for international trains like the on relation Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana-Jesenice-Villach-Salzburg-Munich. We suggest you check your timetable carefully, as if you plan to this journey in late afternoon, you need to catch latest bus to Bovec in Kranjska gora and this option only work in summer time (check  bus connections article above). In opposite you can book a private transfer from there.

Tarvisio train station

Tarvisio train station is by distance closest train station to Bovec (35 km). Unfortunatly there is no public bus connection to Bovec from Tarvisio, so you have two options: to hitch-hike or organize yourself a private transfer (taxi) to Bovec.  For last option, you can check our Booking section of the page.

Udine train station

Udine train station is well connected with rest of Italy towards Venice, Milan, Rome, etc. It is about 85km away from Bovec, and your options to go/come from there are hitch-hiking or private transfer. Transfer time takes about 1:15hrs from Bovec to Udine train station.

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