Hydrospeed is becomming a more known sport, full of adrenalin and full of action. Lying on the river-bob, wearing a special knee padded neoprene suit, fins on the feet and a helmet on the head, you enter into a battle with the rapids of the river Soca.

A river-bob is a swimming-aid made of strong plastic on which you lie and hold the handles with both hands, you are in the water the whole time You will feel the uninterupted flow and contact with the rapids and currents.

An experienced instructor will accompany you in a kayak and guide you through the various obstacles and rapids on the route you have chosen.

Before the start of the activity your guide will issue you with all the necessary equipment for a safe trip. (helmet, neoprene suit which has padding on the knees, anorak, life jacket, flippers, neoprene booties).

You must bring with you a swimsuit, towel and a short sleeved T-shirt, for those that wear glasses, instead of these it is recommended that you wear contact lenses and swimming goggles.

It is absolultely necessary to have a good physical condition in order to steer with the fins.